Our video library contains an extensive selection of topics from experts around the world to help you achieve more successful outcomes in the mergers and acquisitions market. These short, informative videos breakdown key concepts and share hard-earned insights from industry experts.

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Video: Using Strategic Assets to Increase Value

It's important to maximize the value of your company when it comes time to sell. Are you leveraging all of your assets to give yourself the best price possible? Dave...

Video: Finding the Best Selling Point for Your Potential Buyer

Dave Kauppi discusses how best to market your information technology company to its potential buyers by highlighting its customer base rather than relying solely on...

2017 M&A Fee Guide Review

Information about M&A advisory fees can be surprisingly difficult to track down.Lack of transparency makes it difficult for business owners to determine whether the fees...

Growth By Acquisition

How to implement and execute an acquisition growth strategy for your corporation.

The Changing World of Private Equity Deal Sourcing

Best practices for private equity deal sourcing in the lower middle market.

Divestopedia Show - Eight Common Factors in Successful Exits

Eight common factors in successful exits and useful resources that can get you started.

What Will Change in My Business After I Sell to a Private Equity Group?

One of the most common question that business owners have when pursuing a private equity transaction is: What will change in my business after closing? Paul Wormley,...

Divestopedia's Deal Sourcing Platform

This is a summary of Divestopedia Deal Source. A deal listing platform exclusively for middle market M&A deals.

Video: Reducing Time to Market Creates Strategic Value

Dave Kauppi details why reducing the time it takes to get your company to market increases its strategic value and you can capitalize on this at time of sale.

What Are Realistic Exit Options For Middle Market Businesses?

There are various exit options available to business owners including:transferring the business to family membersselling part of the business to a private equity...

How does a private equity investment work for a business owner?

Understand the capital structure that Evolution Capital Partners employs when they team up with business owners.

How to Value an Acquisition Target

In this webinar workshop, John Carvalho, President of Stone Oak Capital Inc. will walk through the valuation analysis used in evaluating acquisition targets. Click on...